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The 2020 Water and Climate Summit saw WaterAid president HRH The Prince of Wales join leaders from government, business and multilateral institutions to address the impact of the climate crisis on people's access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

To create the Summit brand and all its parts with a focus on a clear and concise brand and message with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

In collaboration with Wateraid, from the early planning phase we ensured that the look and feel of the event was fully brought to life and gave the audience an experience that matched the gravity of the event.

The day-long summit was the first of its kind, and it was our responsibility to give this event the right messaging and identity to inspire change.
We began with creating a visualisation of a system about water and the effects of water poverty and climate change. The aim was to tell a story to the audience and to educate them on the importance of climate change and its access to water, particularly with sanitation and hygiene. We wanted to do this in a big, bold but simple way not to take away from the key message.

Using a simplistic colour palette along with bold and dynamic typographic expression, our visuals were used to create impact and show the impact of water on everyone’s lives.

As a lead up to the summit, we created the teaser campaign for web and social media to build up awareness and to entice the audience and investors, showcasing the bold and through-provoking visuals.

The setting for the event was Kings Place in London’s Kings Cross. We delivered the event across different spaces in the venue with the main room taking centre stage. Against a 9m high LED backdrop, VIPs told their story through film, imagery, and the voices of those living with the impact of climate change on their clean water supply. One request of the client was to create an event that left the smallest footprint possible. By rolling out LED screens and lighting the power consumption of the event was kept in check. The latest print and display technologies provided a fully recyclable and sustainable solution.

Important facts and figures were displayed and projected around the venue on screen or printed on banners, made from special packaging materials that are 100% recyclable. All the materials used on the day from the display to the merchandise were made from responsibly sourced materials. It was important that the venue and materials used reflected the values of the event.

We also produced video content in collaboration with our long-term production partners Clink Clink for the event, which encouraged engagement and drive action. The videos were shown on the 100 LED screens in and around the venue and over 6 hours of live experience material was created.
In total 500 guests attended, over 33 nationalities were represented and £1M was pledged towards helping WaterAid combat climate change.

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