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Vitami is a subscription based startup passionate about health and wellbeing. The monthly subscription service aims to create and sustain feel good habits, and is delivered to customers in containers which easily fit through their letter box.

Create a simple yet striking brand identity and packaging design that stands out in a saturated vitamin health market. We were tasked with creating outer packaging and sachets for the vitamin powders that could be replenished through the post with minimal environmental impact.

We designed a vertical logotype that worked consistently across the Vitami brand, and had maximum impact across the pack and sachets due to it's physical shape. We developed an icon that symbolised the cyclical nature of Vitami's offering, representing the brand's focus on creating feel good habits. Throughout the design process, sustainability was kept in mind; the pack was designed using fully sustainable FSC materials, whilst also being a high quality box that can be easily replenished each month.

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