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Driven by a desire to solve real human problems and with an unwavering belief in the transformative power of data, Verso’s breakthrough technology and data monitoring platform enables a step-change in Women’s Health. The patented sensing device monitors the physiological conditions in the uterus over a multi-day period, allowing data to be captured in real time.

We were tasked with differentiating this leading femtech product in a competitive market creating a powerful name and a flexible visual identity.

We undertook a detailed naming strategy replacing the original name 'VivoPlex' with the distinctive name 'Verso Biosense' that challenged convention with ‘Verso’ relating to turning the first page in a book representing how this pioneering product is literally turning a new page in the world of feminine technology.

To match this powerful name we developed a distinctive identity based on a pulsing symbol representing the fact that the technology is constantly monitoring, collecting high quality data, linking to the pulse of the human body connecting the data, technology and science in one graphic.

As the product is marketed to clinicians not the end user, the visual language and messaging needed to be informative and clear. The colour palette and precise nature of the guidelines reflected the analytical technical aspects of this ground-breaking product with a design that allowed variable flexibility across all media platforms from digital throughl to print executions.

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