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UK based film production company Storyhouse support and commission storytellers with their feature films and shorts. Established in 2016, their vision is to enable and support emerging talent through commissions, production and finance and have supported films such as Days of the Bagnold Summer, Run River Run and I'm Dead.

Our brief was to create a timeless, simple and confident visual language that worked purely across screen, expressing the ethos of the business and communicating their experience and credibility.

The overall identity captures an idea of a ‘house’ of talent behind some of the UK's most talented film and production storytellers. Our approach was to take the idea of the creative house and express that through all aspects of the visual identity from the singular use of vivid blue to bold typography, iconography and animation. It is a bold solution, clearly and confidently amplifying the ethos behind Storyhouse films. Our brand has allowed Storyhouse to further establish themselves within the industry, ultimately supporting more talent to create brilliant short and feature length films.

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