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Sansaw is a modern rural estate in Shropshire which fuses tradition, natural beauty and local resources to pioneer a rural lifestyle that is totally in touch with the modern world.

The Thompson family has lived on the Sansaw Estate for over 150 years, continually innovating to provide both accommodation and employment.

In 2009 James Thompson took over as managing director. James, a former Royal Marine took on the task of overseeing a period of enormous transformation, including the building of the award-winning business park and the creation of a state-of-the-art dairy unit. His succession shows every sign of continuing Sansaw’s proud heritage.

We developed a 10-year strategic brand vision, brand identity, strategy, wayfinding, and signage for this unique and rural estate.

The identity system was inspired by the natural beauty of the estate encapsulated within the ’S’ monogram, rolled out across the way-finding and signage throughout the 1500 hectares estate.

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