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Launching an historic brand with a digital future

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The global leader in typeface design.

For more than 125 years, Monotype has been bringing the world’s words to page, product and screen. In doing so, it has given hundreds of the best-known, best-loved and best-looking brands their distinctive voices. Never content to rest on its laurels, the company is constantly moving forward. Today it is at the forefront of technology in type design and continues to develop advanced systems to enhance the capabilities of type on all digital outputs.

The brief was to curate a launch event for the rebrand, aiming to celebrate the rich past and exciting digital future of Monotype.

Building on Monotype’s dual focus on their unique heritage and the possibilities that their innovation and technology can offer, we curated an exhibition, Pencil to Pixel, to launch the brand in London and New York. The exhibition highlighted Monotype’s unrivalled heritage, reinterpreted for a 21st century audience and set out its intent to be an innovator for many more years to come.

We displayed a collection of artefacts relating to type history, offset by a unique and compelling variable data type installation representing the organisation’s digital focus. We also featured a series of Monotype’s Collection books, designed by SEA and utilising the organisation’s ‘one of a kind’ brand positioning.

Monotype Pencil to Pixel 0
Monotype Pencil to Pixel 1Monotype Pencil to Pixel 1
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Monotype Pencil to Pixel 4Monotype Pencil to Pixel 4
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