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The global leader in typeface design.

For more than 125 years, Monotype has been bringing the world’s words to page, product and screen. In doing so, it has given hundreds of the best-known, best-loved and best-looking brands their distinctive voices. Never content to rest on its laurels, the company is constantly moving forward. Today it is at the forefront of technology in type design and continues to develop advanced systems to enhance the capabilities of type on all digital outputs.

Create an identity reflecting Monotype’s world leadership position and innovative capabilities.

We were engaged to create a complete brand identity system which promoted the brand, reminded the industry why Monotype has been at the top of its game for so long, and showcased the endless future possibilities.

Brand identity including bespoke typeface and comprehensive brand campaign.

We worked in partnership with Monotype to create a complete brand identity that unified the many faces of Monotype, including the company’s heritage, and positioned it as an innovative brand of the future. Reflecting the global authority of its heritage, we used a strong, distinctive logotype based on Steve Matteson’s Kootenay. To accommodate the organisation’s relentless innovation and development and ensure that all parts of the business had space to grow, we created a consistent global brand identity system and hierarchy.

We also created a campaign to launch the identity built around a series of key events including the introduction of a modern interpretation of Monotype’s historic type library titled the ‘Collections’ campaign. This culminated in a limited-edition box of Collections curated by leading figures from different creative industries, including Rankin, Domenic Lippa, Simon Esterson, Gerry Leonidas, Akira Kobayashi and Robin Nicholas. This provided a fresh and current look at some of the most used and loved typefaces.

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London HQ In collaboration with Ben Adams Architects

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