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TEAM are leaders in their field, producing high quality print for clients across all sectors including finance, fashion and art. Always deeply collaborative in their approach, TEAM emerged from lockdown with a new focus on engagement, and the people and partnerships which have been so integral to their success.

TEAM wanted an engaging new visual identity that would express the values at the heart of both their brand and customer relationships, represent their expertise to new audiences and celebrate their greatest asset – their people.

Our new identity - MADE BY TEAM - emphasises the creativity, craft and environmentally-responsible values at the heart of their brand. A simple two weight font hierarchy expresses the relationship between the skills of TEAM’s people and the quality of service they provide, and works flexibly across a series of mailers outlining their specialist offers.

Marking a new moment of confidence and ambition, a new brand book was issued to every member of TEAM’s staff, alongside the launch of a new occasional house journal. Issue 1 focussed on teamwork, and featured interviews with designer Mark Holt and photographer Richard Moran, whose photo essay beautifully captured the people and process at the heart of TEAM’s success.

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