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A refreshed visual identity for a pioneering architectural practice.

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Hopkins is a pioneering architectural practice founded over 40 years ago. They pride themselves on their clear logical design thinking, honest expression of materials and purpose. They stand out amongst their competitors with their agile approach of doing more with less. As architects they were early pioneers of integrated sustainability in architecture and have continued to take a proactive approach to environmental design. With people, generational teams and creativity at their core - they celebrate the people behind their work.

Create a refreshed visual identity to communicate Hopkin's holistic approach, communicating its story, assets, thinking, and people.

Our approach was to review Hopkins' long standing identity creating a brand that could adapt in tone across different global audiences. We executed this through the use of typography; using a flexible typographic approach and evolving their colour with a more vibrant secondary palette, delivering a confident brand that balanced boldness, expressiveness and restraint.

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