SEA Design

GF Smith Digital

10,000 unique, digitally generated images



SEA were commissioned by GF Smith to design a campaign to showcase their
paper suitable for digital print. Each resulting piece features a unique digitally generated and digitally printed image from an edition of 10,000.

Inspired by the micro details of paper fibers and shaped by a generative process, combining codes with pre-determined colour palettes, the vibrance, colour and shapes of the resulting illustrations are caught in the dynamic digital print medium. The highly detailed images show a glimpse of the digital sculpture – but it’s entirety remains hidden.

The work was nominated for an award in the Graphics category of the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year.

GF Smith Digital 0
GF Smith Digital 1GF Smith Digital 1
GF Smith Digital 2
GF Smith Digital 3
GF Smith Digital 4GF Smith Digital 4
GF Smith Digital 5
GF Smith Digital 6