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Making complex cloud communications simple

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Launched in 2000, Foehn are business telecoms experts with a simple vision to make cloud communication products less complicated, easier to use and more effective. They saw the workplace evolving and thought technology should evolve with it. Foehn are unique in combining their own technology with open source software in order to deliver genuinely intuitive and easy to use cloud communications products.

Reposition the web-based Foehn brand to reflect its unique and innovative offer and convey its core values of making the complex simple.

Foehn’s audience includes SMEs looking to simplify their communications operations by making a significant switch. We wanted our identity to convey the fact that a simple, seamless experience for the customer is a result of the Foehn brand – its expertise, service and multiple products. A subtle ‘F’ is embedded into the visual identity reminding customers that the Foehn brand is at the heart of their experience.

Our brand strategy cuts through complexity to deliver a clear and simple narrative of the Foehn offer, easy to navigate and visually consistent across phone, tablet and app. The vibrant overlapping colour palette references Foehn’s integrated three part offer and adapts easily across a wide range of print, digital marketing and product campaigns. Art direction emphasises a relaxed, people-centred brand.

Brand guidelines were extensive reflecting the company’s incredible attention to detail.

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