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Circus Street

A place brand for people in Brighton

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Circus Street is a redeveloped area in Brighton comprising of residential, office and retail buildings. Once a derelict municipal market, the regeneration scheme by developers U&I is rooted in a strong sense of community placemaking with an emphasis on a healthy vision of city life, culture, great public spaces and a creative atmosphere. Located on a prominent site close to Brighton Station, Circus Street will be a catalyst for growth, improving connectivity between areas and becoming a new destination within the town.

Create a place brand for business and residents, celebrating the vibrancy of historic Brighton. A lively, engaging identity for a broad audience signalling an exciting new cultural quarter appealing to local businesses and start-ups, as well as new residents and those looking to make Brighton their home.

We created a destination brand for people that was unashamedly Brighton, celebrating its spirit, vibrancy and colour. A bespoke typeface and graphics reference the renowned Lanes and heritage of the iconic seaside town. Art direction and photography for marketing campaigns captures the spirit of the place in a series of playful images showing Brighton in a new light.

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