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Founded in 2000, Callcredit is a UK based analytics and data analytics company, providing technology solutions to help businesses and consumers make informed decisions.

Develop a strategic brand platform and identity around Callcredit’s vision of ‘empowering information' to inspire continued growth and connect with businesses and consumers in a clear and digestible manner.

From brand strategy to identity, brand architecture and art direction our approach was to build the brand by bringing together fragmented parts of the business including past and present acquisitions. Visually expressed by a simple graphic device conveying safe and trusted capture of data, Callcredit’s values and solutions were identified and focussed as using information for good. The brand platform is built on Callcredit's way of striving to find new and better ways to transform data, with the kind of empowering information that can advance and enrich lives.

In short, 'Empowering information, Empowering people'. We worked closely with Callcredit's board and wider team from project start to delivery, holding workshops, stakeholder interviews and carrying out in-depth audits in order to build a strong strategic brand platform. We created a clear brand architecture to encompass Callcredit's many disparate sub-brands, culminating in a strong and ownable visual expression, followed by the creation of concise brand guidelines for their internal teams and partners. A clear and accessible brand launch campaign was created in order to successfully communicate with businesses and consumers, distilling complex data into meaningful and easily understood insights and answers.

Ultimately, our solution led to the successful sale of Callcredit to the American consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion - a key project aim.

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