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London-based Ben Adams Architects design elegant, contextual and energy efficient architecture that balances function with ingenuity and delight.

Having designed their identity and website 5 years previously, SEA were asked by BAA to redesign the site to better represent the practice’s growth and development, its range and scale of projects, and to provide a simpler, more informative and engaging experience for users.

Timed to coincide with BAA’s 10th anniversary, the new site reflects the practice’s maturity and confidence and has been designed with UX front of mind.

The design builds on the practice’s original bold and confident visual identity to consolidate 10 years progress and provide some continuity for users. A greater emphasis on ‘process’ features more renders, sketches and practice thinking. Project text has been designed to sit alongside and complement images, rather than dominate, with a solid colour overlay providing visual relief from large images.

A leaner site overall features stronger messaging and an animated landing page. The original bold colour palette has been updated and used to colour code sectors without diluting the overall practice narrative. Navigation has been simplified and optimised for mobile and desktop.

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