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Identity for an ethical and sustainable clothing brand

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In an industry where commercial success and ethical values are not always compatible, Baukjen is a forward-thinking fashion label with a mission to put planet and people at the heart of everything they do. Their commitment to disrupt the ‘fast-fashion’ model runs from sourcing environmentally-friendly materials to reducing carbon emissions and nurturing sustainable supply chains.

As a certified B-Corp, Baukjen wanted a new identity to express their vision, purpose and commitment, promote slow fashion, and appeal to customers looking to engage in considered, ethical and guilt-free purchasing.

Our design puts Baukjen’s values front and centre of a distinctive visual identity with a comprehensive refresh across digital, in-store point-of-sales, print and packaging. Swing tags underline the importance of transparency with clear product data to inform and influence responsible choices. The Baukjen logo features a typographical ligature to signal partnership and hand-in-hand collaboration. The palette is anchored by an elegant and reassuring deep green, with contrasting supplementary seasonal palettes.

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