SEA Design

  • Aromatherapy Associates

    Pioneers in natural and sustainable wellness

    Aromatherapy Associates
  • Christie's

    Readying the global art business for the next 100 years

  • Monotype

    A brand fusing art, technology and creativity

  • Rolls-Royce

    A brand spirit book for the iconic Rolls Royce Ghost.

  • Nokia

    Delivering Nokia’s new global brand refresh

  • Derwent London

    Launching an innovative digital-first Responsibility Report for Derwent London

    Derwent London

    A ground-breaking once in a lifetime festival of creativity

  • OLO

    Holistic thinking, enduring design

  • Sansaw Estate

    More than just an estate, Sansaw is a way of life

    Sansaw Estate
  • Monotype Pencil to Pixel

    Launching an historic brand with a digital future

    Monotype Pencil to Pixel
  • Hopkins Architects

    A refreshed visual identity for a pioneering architectural practice.

    Hopkins Architects
  • Wateraid

    Giving climate action a visual identity

  • ClinkClink

    Reimagining the power of live events

  • Baukjen

    Identity for an ethical and sustainable clothing brand

  • Made by TEAM

    Creativity, craft and responsible values at the heart of a brand

    Made by TEAM
  • The Plumstead Library

    Wayfinding for a cultural destination with historic status

    The Plumstead Library
  • Monotype × Google

    No More Tofu Campaign

    Monotype × Google
  • GF Smith

    Creating an aspirational and inspirational brand

    GF Smith
  • City & Guilds Group

    Pioneers in skills development

    City & Guilds Group
  • Please and Thank You

    A sustainable beauty start-up with built-in kindness

    Please and Thank You
  • Regatta Group

    A group brand for global outdoor clothing

    Regatta Group
  • Callcredit

    Bringing data to life

  • Circus Street

    A place brand for people in Brighton

    Circus Street
  • Circus Street – Signage

    Public signage for a new dynamic creative quarter

    Circus Street – Signage
  • Creative Influence

    A collaborative project between SEA, Oystercatchers and Rankin

    Creative Influence
  • Verso Biosense

    Solving real human problems

    Verso Biosense
  • City & Guilds Foundation

    City & Guilds Foundation
  • Regatta

    Repositioning a leading outdoor clothing company

  • GF Smith Digital

    10,000 unique, digitally generated images

    GF Smith Digital
  • Design For Rail

    The original moving brand

    Design For Rail
  • Embrace

  • Vitami

    A brand passionate about wellbeing

  • Thinking Works

    A furniture brand that thinks differently

    Thinking Works
  • Ben Adams Architects

    Architecture balanced with function, innovation and flair

    Ben Adams Architects
  • Al Faisal Museum

    Harmonious co-existence of Western and Islamic cultures

    Al Faisal Museum
  • Johnston 100

    The language of London

    Johnston 100
  • Aros Architects

    Capturing a strong sense of studio culture

    Aros Architects
  • Fingleton

    Brand identity for strategic advice experts

  • Fedrigoni Made In Italy

    Fine Italian Paper Makers Since 1888

    Fedrigoni Made In Italy
  • EAVE

    More sound, less noise

  • Workshop Coffee

    Brand identity for our favourite chain of London coffee shops

    Workshop Coffee
  • K2

    London’s renowned fine art silkscreen printers

  • EW Adams

    Exclusive fine jewellery brand for John Lewis

    EW Adams
  • Fedrigoni Sirio

    The Art of Colour Campaign

    Fedrigoni Sirio
  • City & Guilds

    Pioneers in skills development

    City & Guilds
  • Levitate

    Architects who do things differently

  • Foehn

    Making complex cloud communications simple

  • Adidas/Porsche

    Global campaign for engineered sportswear

  • London Art Fair

    Creating an art focused brand to maintain momentum

    London Art Fair
  • For Queen & Country

    Fundraising brand campaign for wounded war heroes

    For Queen & Country
  • Swalcliffe

    Forward thinking leaders in autistic education

  • APLB

    A dynamic identity for a design-led architecture practice.

  • FreshGround

    The business of coffee

  • Bubblehub

    A co-working space for creatives outside of London

  • Theatreplan

    Theatre planning pioneers

  • Architecture Today

    An identity for the leading architectural magazine

    Architecture Today
  • OQO

    Japanese fusion restaurant and cocktail bar

  • Murphy & Partners

    International advisory consultants, passionate about art and investments

    Murphy & Partners
  • W Residences

    An identity for luxurious hotel living

    W Residences
  • The Not Forgotten

    Proud identity for a military charity

    The Not Forgotten
  • Storyhouse

    A creative house of UK storytellers

  • Metropolitan Wharf

    Identity and signage for a vibrant riverside quarter

    Metropolitan Wharf
  • Studio of Art & Commerce

    Studio of Art & Commerce