City & Guilds Group

City & Guilds had been providing workforces with skills since 1878, helping people and organisations in over 100 countries develop skills for personal and economic growth. More than a century on, the skills development pioneer and the world within which it operates, had changed beyond recognition. It was time for the organisation to catch up with itself and properly reflect its current positioning and offer.
Reflect a global leader in vocational learning and education that delivers a range of education opportunities to more than two million people around the world each year through a group brand strategy.
The group operates across multiple sectors with multiple business brands, each with their own brand identity. To unify these separate businesses, we created a single, clearly-defined Group brand identity, brand architecture creating an aligned visual identity, with flexibility to accommodate existing brands and future acquisitions.

Positioning as pioneers in global skills development, collaboration is at the heart of the brand identity and the cohesion this represents.

Recognising the organisation’s rich and successful heritage, the ‘ampersand' is made up of small graphic representations of the original shapes from the Guilds’ historic heraldic shields. The group brand identity is instantly recognisable, dynamic, and exciting, reflecting the organisation’s position as a modern, progressive provider of education globally.

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