City & Guilds Group

City & Guilds had been providing workforces with skills since 1878. More than a century on, the skills development pioneer and the world within which it operates, had changed beyond recognition. It was time for the City & Guilds brand to catch up with itself and properly reflect its current positioning and offering.
Reflect a multimillion pound business and global leader in vocational learning and education that delivers a range of education opportunities to more than two million people around the world each year.
New overarching strategic brand identity deployed across all communications including literature, signage and digital.
City & Guilds Group operates across multiple businesses, each with their own brand identity. To unify these separate businesses, we created a single, clearly-defined Group brand identity and worked across the brand architecture, creating an aligned visual identity, with flexibility to accommodate existing brands and future acquisitions.
At City & Guilds Group, it’s all about the ‘&’ and the cohesion it represents – the businesses operating together as a partnership and the people who come together to work and learn. We took this theme of cohesion and the ‘&’ making it the core focus. Recognising the organisation’s rich and successful heritage, the ‘&’ is made up of tiny representations of the original shapes from the Guilds’ historic heraldry. Similarly, the logotype is instantly recognisable, dynamic, and exciting, reflecting the organisation’s position as a modern, progressive provider of education globally.

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