GF Smith

With a heritage of more than 100 years, GF Smith had established itself as the UK’s premium independent paper merchant.
To ensure that it maintained its premium brand positioning, GF Smith was keen to evolve its brand and in particular, to position its offering as both aspiration and inspiration.
Brand strategy, brand guidelines, promotional campaigns including art direction and supporting print collateral. We worked closely with GF Smith over a number of years on a range of projects which helped to cement the Company’s market leadership position both in the UK and overseas.

Projects included strategic planning and creation of comprehensive brand guidelines to help manage the “Paper from GF Smith” core concept and a deliver a project that showcase the Company’s digital print capabilities. This was achieved through a innovative campaign, which was nominated for the Design Museum’s “Designs of the Year”. 10,000 unique digitally-generated images were created inspired by the micro details of paper fibres and shaped by a generative process combining codes with pre-determined colours.

G F Smith_Digital_1
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