A heritage paper mill with a long and proud history and track record of successful evolution.

Established in a Verona mill in 1888, Fedrigoni has a long, and well deserved, proud history. The mill has stood through two world wars, four fires and five generations of the Fedrigoni family who still run it today. Throughout this time the business has evolved and while fine paper-making remains at its heart, it now has an international footprint and technological capabilities that address modern market demands.

Partner with Fedrigoni to celebrate its heritage and its ongoing passion for paper-making.

‘Made In Italy’ campaign
We partnered with Fedrigoni to create ‘Made in Italy’- a three year campaign that celebrated post-war Italian graphic design and Fedrigoni’s exceptional legacy in terms of Italian design heritage. The campaign centred around an exhibition, shown first in London and then in Edinburgh, that featured a collection of work by designers including Franco Grignani, Bob Norda, Giancarlo Iliprandi and Massimo Vignelli. To coincide with the exhibition, we created an edition of four collectable booklets – the Design Series - each focusing on the works of one Italian graphic designer and a ‘Made in Italy’ book – a selection of beautiful Italian graphic designs printed on Fedrigoni’s premium paper.

Made In Italy_1
Made In Italy_2
Made In Italy_3
Made In Italy_4
Made In Italy_22
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Made In Italy_7
Made In Italy_8
Made In Italy_9
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